The cozy and relaxing Oporto Cafe serves up authentic cuisine in a friendly environment known by locals as the place to get home-style Portuguese and Brazilian fare.
Twelve years of experience is something you can taste as you sample the traditional cooking made fresh from the kitchen of a Portuguese chef. Using only the finest recipes with a heavy influence on home-style quality. Oporto Cafe prepares only the most scrumptious selections. The fresh flavors and the extensive Portuguese wine list make Oporto a lunch-must for the business set. And taking a break from a hectic schedule to enjoy some feel-good food is quite often the top priority. But these movers and shakers are not the only ones who have discovered the city┬┤s best Portuguese and Brazilian. Evening diners fill the restaurant eagerly awaiting leisurely dinner and a sip from a well-deserved glass of wine at Oporto.